National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for All: All for NANS

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for All: All for NANS

The president of the Student Union Government of Federal University of Agriculture Mr  Oloyede Abiodun Micheal (Proverbial) has somethings to say about the just concluded National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) election. His words in the article contains congratulatory messages and advices to the all members and executives of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). 

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for All: All for NANS

Over the years, the narratives about the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS (NANS) has not been impressive, my experience at the just concluded convention is a testament to that assertion.

The election proceedings were unnecessarily rigorous, dreadful and challenging that at some point, I questioned myself if the process was truly worth all of the fuss?

The crop of individuals at the environment of the convention was indeed another course on its own, the number of the non-eligible voters out numbered that of the eligible ones whom we address as senators and all were present at the election ground to express their different capacities and their votes. I asked myself again if this has been the situation all along?

The fact that the association has been utterly bastardized before now is not enough reason for the dark narratives to continue, rebranding is not out of place. It is indeed needed and its dire need has never been higher.

While having an intellectual engagement with my JCC Chairman-Comrade Bamgbose Tomiwa(Tommy Tee) he said and I quote “Majority of the Senators at the poll are influenced by greater forces outside” I found it very difficult to believe initially but what I experienced along the process gave credence to that claim.

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The factors and the forces in place at the convention ground are unfathomable, the rest of the event was a story for another day.

Kudos to the Convention Planning Committee, the convention Chairman, distinguished leaders, cadres and stakeholders for their various inputs.

Although, my anointed candidate, Comrade Olushola Oladoja didn’t emerge, however, his leadership prowess in his just released article has earned him my love and respect in an unthinkable proportion, his simplicity and intellectualism is second to none, indeed, I doff my hat to you, comrade.

Let me use this medium to congratulate the Global President, Comrade Sunday Asefon. Prior to the convention, we discussed at length, the blueprints he presented to me and I found it nice and attractive and I hope and pray that it pleases God to grant him the will to start, the enthusiasm to persist and the consistent to achieve the set goals.

The time of politicking is over, it’s time to embrace good governance, quality representation and excellent discharge of duty should be our utmost priority. This is not a time to either discriminate or sideline any region or be vindictive to any individual for self expression. It’s a time to run an entirely all inclusive government regardless of the political tent we all pitched to during the electioneering process.

If NANS do not get it right now, I don’t think there is another better time for us to get it right, no one is declaring factions, all the aspirants are willing to work hand-in-glove if they are given the chance.

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Restructuring and repositioning of NANS is of essence and shouldn’t be ruled out of our agenda and daily discharge of our duties.

Here are few of many issues that need utmost consideration and urgent attention.

1. Review and Amendment of NANS constitution/charter to modern standard.

2. Proper and Quality Representation of NANS across all sectors.

3. Well Organized and Coordinated Convention at the JCC, Zonal and National level.

4. An End to the incessant Factional Government in our organization(JCC,Zonal,National)

5. Immediate end to the integration of NANS to partisan politics.

6. Enhancing Developmental projects and programs for the growth and sustainability of the association for the common good of all Nigerian students across boards.

Once again I desire to appeal to the sense of pardon of all shakers and movers of NANS, viz-a-viz leaders,stakeholders and fellow distinguished senators to embrace and support this administration in order to reposition the association for utmost exploits and secure the future of the generations yet unborn.

Disunity in administration will not bring the desired result, the association houses intellectuals, technocrats and ideological individuals and by implication, it needs to reflect in our approaches and dispensations.

My utmost support for this administration would know no end if permitted.

NANS is for us and we are for NANS.

Patriots never keep mute
Solidarity forever.

In the end, victory must be ascertained.

Oloyede Abiodun Michael (Proverbial)
President, Students Union, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

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