Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Students union (FUNAABSU) Report for the Year 2020

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Students union (FUNAABSU) Report for the Year 2020


Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Students union (FUNAABSU) REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2020

It is with great joy and feeling of absolute fulfilment that I present this report on behalf of the UNION. 2020 was a blessed year for us, although there were global issues laced with challenges, yet God favored us and made us surpass every of our plans and goals. The following are highlights of the year 2020 as far as FUNAABSU is concerned.

1. The tenure started officially on 17th of February 2020 and we assumed office immediately, it has indeed been a great year, though there were challenges and shortcomings but we thank God for the rare privileges he granted us all year round.

2. In order to place premium on all sectors of our administration, have a smooth ride and create a sustainable working relationship, we embarked on a courtesy visit to different strata of the university make-up to familiarize ourselves, this courtesy visitation was also extended beyond the coffers of the university.

3. Shortly after assumption of office, the advent of the global pandemic started which practically affected the activities of the Union, but as a responsive and progressive Students Union, we forged ahead to create opportunities even when the road ahead seemed bleak and glory be to God for what we have now.

4. During the lockdown, the union played an integral role in the disbursement of palliatives shared by the University management across the four geopolitical zones in OGUN State (Remo, Ijebu, Yewa and Abeokuta) it was indeed a unique sense of corporate social responsibility and we gave our all by contributing to the system.

5. We didn’t stop there, we went ahead to facilitate the distribution of palliatives to cushion the effect of the global pandemic for the students undergoing their final year project.

6. As a progressive Union, we facilitated the renovation of the Union Building. the Building/infrastructure that was put in place years ago under the Leadership of Prof Olaiya Balogun the fourth Substantive Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. The building now wear a beautiful facelift.

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7. In order to revitalize the system as our watchword implies in the spirit of continuity, we embarked on a project to rehabilitate the long abandoned Students’ Union Recreational Centre Project that was initiated by Team Good Works under the Leadership of Comrade Olajumoke Olawale Peter, as of today 30th December 2020, the project is 80% close to completion.

8. In the same token, we facilitated the intervention of the management to renovate some of the university major structures such as (Yakub Mahmoud Lecture Theatre, Both Male and Female halls of Residence and some other breathtaking infrastructures)

9. The role of the Union in EndSars and EndAsuuStrike agitations cannot be undermined as we were actively involved in the process, thank God our struggles yielded results.

10. The prompt interventions of the Union on Students related matters are always at its peak ranging from the Students Welfare, Police harassment and brutality, proper representation and a host of many others.

11. The Union participated and mobilized students in the Surveying Exercise of Rural Electrification Authority Audit, a project that was sponsored by the world bank which is aimed at generating a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
Despite all odds and insufficiency of resources, these and many more are what we were able to achieve under this administration in the year 2020.

12. Generally, 2020 was incredibly wonderful and we are grateful to God and all members for making it such a great year. It’s a huge task to have a better year than this but we know that if 2020 can be this good, then 2021 would definitely be better.

13. We have lots of engagements, interventions, programs, innovations and projects to execute in this coming year. May God grant us wisdom, knowledge, tenacity and grace to do more.

14. All these were made possible with the robust support of the management under the leadership of Prof Felix Kolawole Salako, the Sixth Substantive Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

15. The rebranding of the value system will just be a mere saying without acknowledging the support of the Students Affairs Division under the tutelage of Prof Adebukuola Mobolaji Omemu, the First FUNAAB Female Dean of Students affairs.

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16. These historical milestones would have been a mirage without the support of the Central Executives. Special doxologies to ;
Comrade Oshinberu Aminat(Smileys)… Vice President
Comrade Odekunle Babatunde Jamaldeen(Longman)…. General Secretary
Comrade Tijani Habebulahi(Kennyology).. Asst General Secretary
Comrade Ajayi Olushola(Social Director)
Comrade Imran Ibrahim( Eminem)….Sport Director
Comrade Ayansiji Enoch(Super)… Financial Director
Comrade Adegolu Joseph(Operajossy)… Treasurer
Comrade Omidiji Azeez(Hayzeed)…Welfare Director
Ojo Babatunde(Tunash)… Public Relation Officer.

17. Of course the executive arm isn’t the only functioning one in the union, the cooperation of the Leadership of the Students Representative Assembly cannot be over emphasized, a special thanks to;
Rt Hon Salami Adedayo(Etf) Speaker
Hon Ibrahim Hammed(Swiz).. Deputy Speaker
Hon Lawal Basit (Alit)… Clerk
Hon Philip Ukah(Ukah)… Deputy Clerk
Hon Adefemi Adebanke(Banke)… Sergeant at Arm.

18. Also, the contributions of the Hall of Residence Executives under the Chairmanship of Salawu Abiodun
(Abbeyscut), Chairman and Akanbi Ayobami(Blacktulip), Chairperson cannot be undermined

19. And to the Ever productive and Industrious FUNAABITES, we are where we are today just because you made it happen, your undaunting and unflinching support has brought us this far, you can do more than you’ve done and we are using this medium to reiterate that we will continue to give you the best of service in this administration.

20. Lastly, all hands are on deck to ensure we resume as soon as possible and also to ensure safe and conducive learning environment upon resumption. We hope to welcome you back on campus soon.

Thanks for your usual support and cooperation.
Do accept my irrepressible and warmest regards as we achieve more landmarks and historical milestones together.

I pray that this coming year (2021) will be our best year yet.

Compliments of the seasons.

Viva Aluta

Oloyede Abiodun Michael (Proverbial)
President, Students Union, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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