Communique Issued at the Meeting with the Students Union Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB), Community Leaders and Hostel Owners on 16/01/2021

Communique Issued at the Meeting with the Students Union Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB), Community Leaders and Hostel Owners on 16/01/2021

Productive FUNAABites!

We once again welcome you back to school for the new academic Session.

Within the last couples of days and in addendum to the opinion poll that was created by the Union which had over 350 responses, the Students’ Union leaders have received numerous complaints from students expressing their grievances towards what almost led to rancor and in some cases, chaos between the students and Landlords/Caretakers/House Agents on the issue of house rent for the year 2020.

Esteemed FUNAABites, as you have known this Union to be a responsive and responsible one, which is concerned with the welfare of her member students; we earlier today, met with the major stakeholders: the CDC Chairmen, CDA Chairmen, PCRC representatives, Hostel Owners from neighboring communities around the University representing the house owners in their various communities.

After much deliberation and In the course of our dialogue to forestall rancor that could result from the cases mentioned below, we have all reached a compromise which involved shifting of grounds from both ends. We shall regale you with the full details in this communique. But before that, it is necessary we all understand some ground norms.

1. According to the Nigerian Law of Tenancy, a tenant is liable to be committed financially to the property he or she rented so far there is an agreement.

2. That a tenant doesn’t stay in a rented apartment for a period of time as long as the monetary ownership indicator (property keys and documents/receipt) are with the tenant, he or she continues to bear the financial consequences, regardless.

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3. The moment a tenant gets hold of a key to an apartment after payment of rent, whether he or she stays or makes use of that apartment or not, the rent automatically begins to read and shall be renewed as and at when due for as long as the monetary ownership is still within the purview of the tenant

Having established these ground norms, let us explain in clear terms for you what to expect in respect to off campus house rent payment.

1. If you paid 2020 rent as a new tenant in a hostel without collecting the keys from the landlord or agent, and without keeping your properties in there, your payment shall roll over to cover 2021’s rent.

2. If you are a fresh tenant who rented an apartment but couldn’t even stay a week or month at the apartment before the lockdown started in 2020, you shall be getting a large percentage of waiver for the year 2020 and shall be required to pay a little percentage to roll over for 2021.

3. If you are a regular tenant in a hostel (i.e you have been staying there before 2020), you shall also get a reasonable amount of waiver for the year 2020 and if you happened to have paid for 2020, you shall get a roll over of the rest of the percentage for 2021. If on the contrary, you shall be required to pay a certain percentage for the year 2020.

4. If you have settled or reached an agreement with your landlord/caretaker/agent on what to do, kindly disregard this communique as it is not binding on you and you’re liable to whatever agreement or resolution you had with them.

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5. If you have better ways to resolve the issue between your landlords and agents kindly disregard this communique as well.

6. Final resolution as per the percentage and mode of payment of the aforementioned categories will be out on or before 20th January 2021

We are at the verge of fine tuning the agreement between the concerned stakeholders and the final meeting is schedule to hold on Tuesday 19th January 2021 after which the final resolutions will be communicated.

We urge FUNAABites to be responsible while engaging their hostel owners or agents and also to do well to communicate to the Union any weird actions or approaches by their respective hostel owners or agents.

Greatest FUNAABites, we understand that this is an unprecedented time and a lot of issues are coming to play. Please, be rest assured that the Students’ Union is working tirelessly to ensure that we flatten the curve of the eventualities that may ensue from the looming situations.

Stay tuned, as we bring you fresh updates as we proceed in furtherance of our discussion with the representatives of Landlords of the FUNAAB neighboring communities.

Remember, COVID 19 is still much around, always adhere to the safety measures as directed by the NCDC

Solidarity forever!

Oloyede Abiodun Michael(Proverbial)
President, FUNAABSU
Odekunle Babatunde Jamaldeen(Longman)
General Secretary, FUNAABSU

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB)
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