2020 Youth Training at Youth Employment in Agri-Business and Sustainable Agriculture (YEASA)

2020 Youth Training at Youth Employment in Agri-Business and Sustainable Agriculture (YEASA)

Youth Employment in Agri-Business and Sustainable Agriculture (YEASA) overall goal is to improve the livelihoods of rural youth through agriculture and agriculture-based enterprises. The objective is to train youth for enhanced technical, business, entrepreneurial, financial and life skills for increased incomes and creation of employment opportunities. The expected outcomes are: (a) formalization of youth training to acquire skills to establish and manage agri-businesses or to be employed in agro—industry; (b) over 2,000 trained youth employed to manage their own on and off farm agribusinesses in rural areas in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin; and (c) increased incomes from agriculture-based investments for youth.

Training Partnering Institutions

Youth will be trained as indicated by partner instituitions:

ABUAD – Mango, Moringa, Feedmill, Fishery, and Equipment and Machinery Fabrication,

IITA – Cassava,Soybeans/Cowpea, Plantain Maize and Equipment and Machinery Fabrication,

AfricaRice – Rice (Both paddy and seed) and Equipment and Machinery Fabrication.

Attending the training is free and successful participant will be trained in Agricultural Production, Value addition, Farm Equipment, Fabrication/Modification, Agri-business Development and Management, and Agribusiness plans development. The Successful trained youths with excellent performance will be awarded Certification of Trainees and Start up Grants.

Youth Employment in Agri-Business and Sustainable Agriculture (YEASA) Training Components

Training in Managerial, Financial Management and Enterpreneurial Skills.

  1. Agricultural production.
  • Soybeans/Cowpea (Soybeans/Cowpea production enterprises)
  • Maize (Maize seed and grain production)
  • Plantain (Sucker multiplication and fruit production enterprises)
  • Mango fruit production
  • Cassava (cassava stem, and cassava tuber production)
  • Rice (seed and paddy production, equipment fabrication enterprise including weeders, threshers)
  • Moringa (leaf and seed production)
  • Fish (fingerlings and cat-fish production). 
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2. Value Addition

Technical Skills and knowledge in processing farm produce, e.g

  1. Drying, caning, production of fruit pulp, fruit drying.
  2. Preparation of snacks flour milling, preparation of garri and fufu.
  3. Rice Cakes, Rice Biscuits.
  4. Moringa processing (Moringa powder, Moringa capsule, Moringa soap, Moringa toothpaste, Moringa seed, Moringa oil, Moringa cream, and Moringa tea.)
  5. Fish smoking, preparation of fish oil, fish oil capsule, feed processing for fish.

ii. Marketing and sales of skills and that make youth participate profitably in supply chains for the farm.

iii. Integrate producers and youth entrepreneur processors in the Agro-food value chains.

3. Farm Equipment Fabrication/Modification.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2020.

Method of Application

  1. Apply online through YEASA website
  2. Youth must be unemployed
  3. Age 18 to 35 Years old
  4. Minimum of WASCE SSCE Certificate
  5. Must be from Oyo and Ekiti State of Origin
  6. Must be living or reside in a rural areas in either of the targeted states.
  7. Women are encouraged to apply.

For more information: please visit our website www.yeasa.org.

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