Job Interview Questions and Answers (Vol 1)

Job Interview Questions and Answers (Vol 1)

Job Interview Questions and Answers – This post will basically focus on how to answer interview questions. It will also help you prepare for interviews.

A job interview can be an opportunity for you to sell yourself to a potential employer. While this might be a slightly exaggerated description. In some cases, it might be true. The interviewer is accessing your skills, evaluating your qualifications, and trying to see if you the best fit for the role in the organization. When you preparing for an interview you do not have memorize or read out what is in Curriculum Vitae (CV) or all that is in your Cover Letter.

In this write up I will be focussing on how to answer interview questions when you are being asked by the interviewer. The write up will be sectioned Volume by Volume, so that it will allow you to stay connected with the write up and it will keep you prepared always.

Things to Remember When going for an Interview

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Dress well (The best way to dress is to dress professionally, moreover you can also research for the company dress code, if they have one)
  3. Arrive early, but not too early
  4. Be friendly to the receptionist and security guards, because your interview starts as you enter the interviewing premises
  5. Decide on one or two things you want to be remembered for
  6. Stop Rehearsing
  7. Breathe
  8. Focus on your posture
  9. Do not check your voicemail, email or social media accounts
  10. Briefly review your notes, but do not do additional research
  11. Look in a mirror
  12. Think happy thoughts.
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Tips: First Impression Sticks. So make sure you do something good you will be remembered for when you go for an interview.

Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

#1 Answer (Without Experience):

I am xyz from Oyo State and currently staying in Ikeja, Lagos. I graduated with a degree in Economics. I choose that field of study because I have always been interested in finance and money. I did my internship at xyz company, which one of the biggest finance firm in the country, where I accomplished….so so and so. My strengths are positive attitude, adaptable to work in any environment. My hobbies are Browsing, reading and playing indoor games. Thank You sir/ma.

#2 Answer (With Experience):

I graduated with a Business degree in 2010, and has worked as an accountant in a telecommunications company. I loved working with customers, managing and growing my accounts. I learned a lot about how to build and manage accounts successfully and I ended up becoming top performer in my group before leaving. I have been at this xyz company for 2 years and I feel ready to take my career to the next level so that is why I am currently looking for a new opportunity.

Note: Do not lie about yourself, be plain and simple. Make sure you do not take too much time to introduce yourself, 60 seconds should be enough.

Question 2: Why should I hire you?

#1 Answer:

As this is interview conversation I would like to say if you hire me, I will be reaching your expectations in your organization. Without hiring me how will you know that I am suitable for this position or not. So you are hiring me, I will be an asset for your company that you feel not to lose.

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#2 Answer:

I have all the required qualification for this post. Moreover, this is a prestigious post and I am inclined more to core sector job and my interest lies onto it, so this is best environment to explore my knowledge and utilize my technical skills to the best.

Question 3: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

#1 Answer:

My strength: I am always ready to take up the new challenges, I am dedicated in any situation personal and professional, I am optimist person. I am able to recognize and solve my mistakes. My Weakness: In my weakness, I always try to improve.

#2 Answer:

My strength: I easily adapt to any environment, positive attitude toward work and people and I boldly face the problem. I am also a good team player. My Weakness: I think if we look at weakness as an opportunity to be better, we could be a person without weakness.

I will be stopping here for this week’s edition on how to answer questions during an interview. The write up will be continued next week. You can drop your comment using the comment section on this write up and we discus more. You can also follow my twitter handle @inwa_nation to get daily jobs update and job tips.

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